A Video Production Company

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Creating Video Assets

3YRS2Life Production is a video production company that focuses on social media content for various online markets, and narrative filmmaking. 3YRS2Life was founded in 2012 in New Jersey. Since it’s inception we have worked with various local and national clients to help create and fulfill our clients video content needs. 3YRS2Life Production is proudly a Veteran owned and operated business.

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The Stories We Tell

3YRS2Life Production provides various types of video services, with are our concentration on narrative filmmaking and web and social media videos; we also provide music video, commercial, corporate and documentary services. We work with an amazing creative team that always looks to set a new mark.

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Working With Us

3YRS2Life Production is commited to delviery the best creative content for your film and social media needs. If you are looking for your next content creator, you have us. Tell us want you have in mind and we will delivery your media assests for your web needs. For the filmmakers, we have the creative team for your next film, to ensure your story is told the way you envisioned.

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Contact Us

For business inquires please provide up-to-date contact information.